Sunday, June 7, 2015

On April 26 of this year I posted survey questions asked by historical fiction writer and blogger A. K. Todd about male and female historical fiction reading preferences.  He has posted the results of his survey questions on his blog site.  I found his findings quite interesting.  You may read the results by clicking the link provided below or by accessing Mr. Todd’s blog site:
 – Harold Titus
The 2015 reader survey ran from April 23 to May 19 and reached 2033 participants from different parts of the world.
2015 Historical Fiction Reader Survey report summarizes results shedding light on preferences and habits of readers, particularly in the realm of historical fiction. The report includes unique questions for authors, bloggers and publishing industry professionals as well as a series of questions regarding social reading. Click here to access the full 24-page report.
Stay tuned for further insights regarding favourite authors -- more than 3600 entries to collate -- and favourite historical fiction -- more than 4000 entries to collate -- as well as deeper analysis from cross-tabulation of results.