Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scenes about Paul Revere
     The young doctor and Billy Dawes had stopped at the door of another farmhouse. Revere rode contentedly ahead. The stillness, crispness, and clarity of the night braced him. He thought, A city man would do well to take a moonlit ride on such a star-bright, spring night.
     Moon-crafted shadows lay upon the road. High above, tiny beads of light glittered. Revere heard a screech and the flapping of wings. The stillness that ensued seemed otherworldly. He heard faintly the passage of water over rocks.
     Such moments renewed his belief in the Almighty Creator. In six days the Lord had made the world. On the seventh He had rested.
     Man, God’s greatest creation, defiled it. Along this peaceful, illuminated roadway many soldiers would march. Tranquility lost. But not yet. There were moments, he thought, when a man, quite alone, did feel God’s purpose.
     He had stopped his horse at the top of a gentle rise to enjoy the night’s serenity. When he heard the sound of his companions’ horses, he urged his own forward. Having ridden ten rods to a turn in the road, he spied two soldiers on horseback, waiting in the darkness of a large maple.
     This time he was not outnumbered!
     “Dawes! Prescott! Come up! British officers!”
     Mounted soldiers, brandishing pistols, burst forth from shadows behind him!
     Kicking his horse’s sides, shouting, Revere propelled his mount forward.
     “God damn you, stop! If you go an inch farther you are a dead man!” Flanking him, a long-bodied, snarling officer rotated the end of his pistol.
     Revere looked over his right shoulder. Prescott, his whip handle turned about, was rapidly advancing.
     Where was Dawes?
     Seconds later Prescott was abreast of him. Cursing officers, waving swords, accosted them.
     “Into that pasture! Through that space into that pasture!” one of them shouted.
     “Into that pasture now or we will blow your brains out!”
     Revere and Prescott veered through the opening in the rail fence.
     Revere strained to see what lay ahead. Two riders sat motionless under a solitary tree. Beyond appeared to be a dark wood. “Put on!” Prescott shouted. The doctor yanked his horse off course.
     Too late to follow, Revere spurred his horse into a full gallop. If he could but reach the wood! Turning his head, he saw Prescott’s horse leap an obstruction. Prescott’s two pursuers halted.
     The two that had been under the tree were now leading Revere’s chasers. He heard their labored pursuit.
     Just ahead! He searched for an opening where, once within, he would pull up, dismount, and escape on foot. To his dismay out of several openings exited more soldiers! Almost immediately they were about him! He veered away but one, reaching dangerously, seized his horse's bridle. They surrounded him. Stopping him, they aimed their pistols at his breast.
     Placing his hands on his horse’s neck, shutting his eyes, Revere aspirated.
     At least Prescott had escaped.