Friday, June 14, 2013

A Few Statistics


49 Americans died on the first day, April 19, 1775, of the Revolutionary War. At least another 39 Americans were wounded. 5 more were declared missing. As many as 5,000 Americans were involved during the day's fighting. As the British column fought its way from Concord to Charlestown, militia units arrived at various places, volleyed, followed, expended their 36 to 40 rounds of shot, and departed.

73 British soldiers were killed. 174 were wounded. 26 were not accounted for after the army had returned to Boston. One historian calculated that only one American musket ball out of 300 hit its mark. On average only one American out of fifteen was injured or killed by British regulars. Much of the inaccuracy can be attributed to the fact that the musket was somewhat accurate only up to 100 yards and much of the firing occurred beyond that distance. Almost all of the Americans that were killed were trapped inside houses or were surprised by flanking parties. Very few Americans were shot by soldiers on the road.